GETTING INTO YOUR TRUCK SHOULDN’T FEEL LIKE CLIMBING MOUNT EVEREST. That’s why AMP Research invented POWERSTEP™, the automatic, electric-powered running board that instantly extends when you open your door, and then hides itself safely out of sight when the doors close for improved ground clearance, aerodynamics and appearance. Its handsome design, all-weather performance and legendary reliability set the industry standard. Ditto its industry-leading 5-year/60,000-mile warranty.



Invented, engineered and built in America, AMP Research PowerStep™ have been tested and proven in long-term, real-world, driving conditions performing flawlessly in snow, ice, dust, mud and dirt. The lightweight, yet rock-solid running board and rugged die-cast linkage components are crafted in the USA of aircraft-quality aluminum, black-anodized and PTFE coated for maximum corrosion protection. Precision, stainless-steel hinge points and bearings ensure trouble-free action. And the heavy-duty electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation for decades.



Adds a bright accent to the edge of the running board. Available for all models with new-style running board extrusion. (Not compatible with PowerStep for Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma and Hummer H2/H3.)



Invented, engineered and built in America, AMP Research PowerStep™ running boards are the real deal. By every meaningful measure, it’s the best-built, best-performing and best-selling product of its kind. With an integrated LED lighting system and available stainless-steel trim accent strips, the AMP Research PowerStep™ is clearly the quality choice.  There’s only one PowerStep™ and it has the AMP Research name on it.  FOLLOW THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE.

AMP Research PowerStep aerodynamics

There are few topics more rampant and heavily discussed than soaring gas prices, and the effect they have on today’s trucks & SUV’s. Since aerodynamic drag and weight are two critical factors that impact fuel efficiency, truck owners are now seeking ways to reduce these variables. The AMP Research PowerStep™ can do both, and still allow you to maintain the convenience and safety of full-length running boards that automatically deploy for optimal ingress and egress

Reducing the overall weight of your vehicle can also help improve gas mileage. AMP’s high-strength aluminum steps weigh 10-20% less than typical OEM running boards or aftermarket steel tube steps.

AMP’s PowerStep™ running boards work automatically and improve safety and comfort while entering and exiting your truck. They are activated by your truck’s factory door sensors and extend within a few seconds when you open the door. Closing the door automatically retracts the PowerStep™ into the rocker panels, eliminating the drag produced by traditional stationary running boards. AMP’s PowerStep™ technology has been utilized as a factory option since 2003.


Automotive News reports on the importance of aerodynamics in new truck design: Ford and other manufacturers (under AMP license) offer power-operated running boards that deploy when the doors open and tuck back under the body when the doors close. The Lincoln Navigator first offered power running boards in 2003, and others have figured out that there’s no need for those air-grabbers to hang out in the wind.
POWERSTEP™ is invented, engineered and manufactured exclusively by AMP Research in the USA and may be covered by one of the following patents: 6,641,158; 6,830,257; 6,834,875; 6,938,909; 7,055,839; 7,380,807; 7,398,985; 7,584,975. PowerStep™ is a trademark of AMP Research.





PowerStep Editorial Reviews


  StreetTrucks Magazine PS Install (sept 2013) (1.4 MiB, 6,844 hits)

AMP Research Powerstep Install on Full Size Chevy SUVs
By Marcel Venable
Ram 3500 Mega Cab – AMP PowerStep Install
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  Diesel Tech Editorial Review - vol.6, Issue 1 (3.9 MiB, 8,047 hits)

Ford F250 Super Duty – AMP Research PowerStep
By Maxwell Matthewson
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By Christian Lee

Toyota Tundra - PowerStep and BedStep install
By Ninja Ed


Toyota Tundra - AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards Review
By Jason

Cool Trends and Accessories at the 2010 SEMA Show
By Mike Levine
Project Dodge Ram Mega Cab: AMP PowerStep & BedStep
4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
A Daily Driver In Basic Black -
Jeep Wrangler JK PowerStep
By Tom Morr
Photography by Christian Lee

Write a review

“Dear Mr. Leitner,

I want to thank you for making the AMP Research PowerStep. In June of 2012 I purchased a new 2012 Ford F-150 XLT that was equipped with Ford’s chrome package (with factory running boards.) One option that the truck didn’t have was a tailgate step so I went to my local truck specialist, Ricks Pro Truck, and purchased the AMP BedStep. This step has made it possible for me to get in and out of the truck bed with ease.

On Memorial Day weekend of this year I was taken to the hospital because I couldn’t walk. I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my left knee. This was making it impossible for me to get in and out of my truck even though I had the factory running boards on the truck. The factory boards are placed up to high and tucked to close to the body of the truck to be any good. I now had to look for alternative ways to enter and exit the truck or replace the truck with a vehicle I could enter or exit.

In my search I found AMP Research PowerStep running boards. I went back to Ricks Pro Truck spoke with Justin, my sales person, and had the steps installed on my truck. What a difference! These steps deploy at the proper height, making entering and exiting the truck easy not to mention the safety factor that I can place my foot on the non slip running board and can lift myself into the cab.

One other benefit is that I no longer have an unsightly running board that is hanging off the side of the truck. Your running board stays out of sight until needed giving a nice clean appearance to the truck.

There is no doubt in my mind that your product is the best and that it has allowed me to keep my F-150.

Thank you for a great product, and continued to success to all at AMP Research.

Richard Barbuto
Madison, MS


“I like your company and your products! Quality is very high and price is not bad. I use your products everyday and they work really well. And one more positive thing is that your service is very good. Keep going you are fantastic company!”

Thanks and all the best!

Jesse Tuuri – Finland


“Approximately 1 1/2 years ago I purchased a set of power steps for my 2011 2 door Jeep. Last month one step motor froze up and would no longer work. I called AMP customer service and told them the problem and asked if I could purchase a replacement motor for my step. They looked up my file and told me the motor was still in warranty and they would send me a new motor at no cost. Everything is working perfect again.
Thank you for your superior customer service and quality product.
Without a doubt my next power steps will come from AMP Research.”


Vernon Duncan – Roscoe, Texas


“Hey George, I received the LED light bezel & put it on as soon as I opened it. I can’t thank you enough and will tell all who blog or ask about what side steps to purchase, to buy the AMP Research PowerStep running boards. I love these things and the looks of envy from all who have a truck when they watch me enter exit mine using your steps. I’ll also inform them that they will get nothing but first class support if ever there is a customer service need. Thanks again George!”

Paul DeMarco


“Just want to say thanx to George in tech support and the rest of the AMP Research family. Was having issues with my power steps that were on my vehicle when I bought it and they listened to my complaints ultimately sending me the parts I needed, all under warranty. Along with literature about their product and the open invitation to call them back if I had any more question or concerns. Says a lot when a company stands behind their product that firm. Keep up the good work and give George a raise!!” ­

Brohdy Morlan


I’ve had my Powersteps for about a year now and LOVE them. No problems at all. Best of all, they help my wife get in and out of the truck because they are just the right height. She has had both knees replaced and still has a bit of difficulty stepping up or down. Without the Powersteps, she would not be riding in my truck……hey, wait a minute!!!

Dave Nowling
Muscatine, Iowa


The Powersteps are a blessing for me, to be able to enter and exit my truck Much Easier on my body, as I am a Disabled Veteran who has too use a cane 95% of the time. My right arm and torn rotator cuff especially thank AMP Research for a quality product!! Would strongly recommend to my fellow veterans and as a retired nurse, would recommend to anyone having mobility problems!

Frederic Mahaney


Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your PowerSteps are. Went to a local dealer who sold me “AMP” but put on knock-offs. After much dissatifaction, they adjusted and adjusted…and the board did not go all the way to the back door…it finally broke..found a piece of pot metal on the driveway and the it would not go back up, the dealer took them back and now I have AMP…thanks…worlds apart!! Now…that is a step…wife loves it…people look…and love it.

John Penrod
Sedalia, MO


Thank you AMP Research and Off-Road Overhaul!

I am one of the lucky people chosen by Off-Road Overhaul to have my truck overhauled on the show. AMP Research outfitted my truck with some incredible products. As for my family, and me there are no words to express our thanks and gratitude!! I am truly taken back by what your company has done. My truck is a 2008 Dodge Power Wagon, which from the factory presented entry and exit issues for my wife and kids age 4 and 6. The show put on a 4-inch BDS long arm suspension kit, and your product (AMP PowerStep) just makes getting in and out effortless and simply a pleasure. I am most impressed with the incredible engineering and quality that went into your products. In addition to the entry steps the truck is also outfitted with the side bed steps (BedStep2), which I use all the time, simply awesome.

Additionally, Jon Aronson, Mike Duval, and crew are some of the nicest, most professional people I have come across, and your support and sponsorship for the show speaks volumes to the quality of your company. The truck turned out awesome, due to a large part of AMP Research, which makes my truck an absolute pleasure to drive daily! Thank you for being a part of that! I will do whatever I can to promote your product line.

Markus Voegler
Newbury Park, CA



In 2009 my father and I bought a Ram 1500 4×4 Laramie model. My father, a WW2 veteran, was 85 at the time and we knew he needed some way to step into the cab. We looked at the normal tube and rail type of permanent mounts. While it looked like these might help. Once we saw the AMP PowerSteps we were sure this was the way to go. The AMP steps come closer to the ground when the door is opened. And this one feature alone made all the difference for him being able to get himself in and out of the cab. And when the doors are closed the steps retract and we like the clean looks of the smooth, no steps appearance while parked or driving. He is now 88 and drives the Ram to work everyday. The AMP steps combined with the Ram pickups larger size, gives him a range of mobility not found with other manufacturer steps.

And the AMP Research and Electricstep staff have been there for any issues or questions we have had to date. So 5 Stars for product and 5 Stars for customer service.

Thanks Again,

David and Don Westfall
Ann Arbor, MI



I just spent the better part of my day today installing your Amp Research PowerSteps on my 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew and I just had to contact you to let you know how pleased I am with your product. By no means am I a “gear head” with a lot of automotive experience and so I was a little apprehensive in doing the job by myself. I can follow directions pretty good as long as they are well written and after previewing the directions off your website, I decided to try it myself. I enlisted the help of a good friend of mine and together we managed to successfully install the PowerSteps today. It took a little longer than what the directions said it would, but we figured that we were “1’s” on your scale so if a “4” could do it in 3 hours, we could do it in six.

First of all, I want to commend everyone who was involved in getting this product out to the public, from the engineers who came up with the schematics, to the guys who build and assemble it, to the guys packing it up in the boxes for shipment. Everything about the PowerSteps is impressive. They were neatly packaged and wrapped in protective bubble wrap and nothing was moving around in the spare space of the box. All of the parts were present and the directions were spot on. They were very easy to follow and well written. Like I said, I don’t have a lot of experience in a garage but even I was able to follow everything that was provided.

The electrical part was probably the part I was worried about the most simply because I hadn’t done a lot of wire splicing in my lifetime but the sheer simplicity of those Posi-Tap Connectors was amazing! Once I figured out what the directions meant, it was pretty easy to do. We were able to route the wires in suitable locations and connected everything up. I put back the fuse and then came our moment of truth. Would it work and give us great joy or would it not and leave us wondering what we did wrong? To our amazement, the steps folded back in as soon as we inserted the fuse and opened miraculously once we opened the doors! We did it! We opened and closed each door to make sure and just felt great when we saw that it worked just like it should have. We had to stop and have a beer right then and there just to toast our accomplishment. We did have to move the steps further up as the corners were getting stuck on the sheet metal at the rear of the truck. We also had to readjust and tighten the top bolt on the driver’s side motor bracket as it was a little loose and clicked when the steps moved in and out. Once we corrected these couple of things, it just worked perfectly.

The steps tuck so far up that unless you really look for it, you can’t even tell that they are there. It just gives the truck a neat, clean stance. I had previously bought and installed Westin 5″ oval bars but they were so huge and stuck out so far from the side of the truck that I immediately removed them and sent them back. I started looking around for a replacement and saw the photos on your website of the Dodge Rams. Once I saw how clean the truck looked and how impressive the steps were, I bit the bullet and ordered my Amp Research PowerSteps. They were pricey but in my opinion, they were worth every penny.

I am so pleased with your product that I just had to let you know. I don’t think I’ve ever contacted a manufacturer like this but I was so impressed that I had to share that with you. Please share this with everyone at your company who had a hand in the making of these steps. They are by far the best that I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning and as long as they last a decent amount of time, you will have a customer for life.




Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how AWESOME I think the Amp-Research steps are! These things rock! Everywhere I go they turn heads!

I was at the Dodge dealership yesterday and I had all the salesman come out and look at them along with the parts manager, so hopefully we can get you some sales from this dealership!
Very functional product, my favorite so far! I’ll keep you posted as the build progresses

Thanks again for your support!



I recently had some of your AMP Research PowerSteps installed on my truck. I must say that I am very impressed. Obviously your company put a lot of thought into designing this product; they work great. Also; I received my free Bed X-Tender today and I installed it.

Thanks a lot,

Gary Morin


Cudos, for your exceptional product. I just finished installing my recently delivered Powerstep running boards on my new Dodge Ram Quad Cab. I was very impressed with the quality of the mechanism, the ease of installation and powerstep’s flawless operation from the moment I plugged the fuse back in. At 60 years old, my wife and I really appreciate the ease of entry provided by the drop down step. Powerstep is a great idea, intelegently developed, with outstanding workmanship. My congratulations to your team.

Many thanks,

Karl Rueckert


I must tell you and AMP-Research that I love the product applied to my truck. Whenever the opportunity presents itself I always like to demonstrate the device. I will tell you that I have shown it to at the very least six of my customers who have gone out and purchased it. I always tell the person to whom I am showing the item that it keeps me out of divorce court. Without the step my wife would struggle to get into the beautiful black Toyota Trundra. It’s a great product, but I am overwhelmed with email communication and any time I can reduce this by one I am thrilled.
Good product. I’ve already purchased it.


Jack Isom


I recently purchased your Power Step product for my 2008 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. While I had high expectations based on the reviews that I had read, I have to say that I was very impressed. The fit and finish is very high quality, the instructions were clear, specific, and easy to understand, and I was able to install it myself in less than three hours. Plus, it works great and is a very, very cool product. My wife wanted running boards to help her get up into the truck, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice ground clearance for them. This is the perfect compromise – thanks for making a great product!


Andrew Hartman


My name is Dave Richardson, owner of a small Offroad shop up here in Alaska. I have your Power Steps on my personal truck and have installed them on several others. First let me say that they have been wonderful and have held up to the Alaskan Winters and salty roads beautifully.

Thanks so much,

Dave Richardson
Soldotna, Alaska


I wanted the people at amp research to know that i just installed a set of power steps on my ford truck and i’m impressed with the quality and the simple instructions that came with the kit, thanks and nice job.

Gary Pelly





I just wanted to make a quick comment on how impressed I am with my new Power-Step on my 2005 Silverado. The instructions were clear and complete. The installation was simple and the finished product was better than I imagined. One item that impressed me was the color coding on the new wiring was the same as the factory wiring. Thank you and your company for supplying such an impressive product.

Dale Anderson


I wanted to follow up with you after I had lived with the Amp Research running boards for roughly a month with the trucks new 6-inch lift kit. Simply put, I am truly amazed. As you know there are literally thousands of parts available in the aftermarket but none have ever been as well engineered or thought out as the Amp Research running boards. Everyone who sees them thinks they are truly exceptional, offering far more surface stepping area than any other steps on the market currently. Even my short 5-foot wife likes to drive the truck simply because the steps have made it easy for her to get into the truck, something she would never have done without the steps being in place.

These things are simply fantastic and I would highly recommend them to any truck or SUV owner especially those with a lifted truck. But also, they would make a great addition to any stock height truck or SUV as well to eliminate the need for the grossly ineffective stock running boards that destroy the overall lines of an otherwise decent appearing vehicle.

Steve Warner
Truckin Magazine



You know, I figured with such an ingenious product that you probably hadn’t overlooked that need/use/feature, but I didn’t realize about the anti-pinch feature and would have been scared that I would have broken something by holding the board. Did I mention how awesome these things are? I wish I had half the intelligence your engineers. It’s kind of funny, I was already telling my oldest daughter (16) that I wondered which of her two younger siblings was going to try to shut the other one in the steps first……….now I guess they’ll just have to find another way to kill each other!

I must admit I spent much time debating whether or not I should spend that kind of money on running boards for our truck. Now, however, after only 4 days, I am certain that I made the proper decision, and I am now comfortable with the price I paid.

Thanks again for such an awesome product.

Mike Pope
Brunswick, GA





Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon2015-201876153-01APowerStep™ with Plug-n-PlayShop Now
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab/Double Cab2014-201876154-01APowerStep™ with Plug-n-PlayShop Now
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Crew/Double Cab 15002014-201875154-01A-BShop Now
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 15002014-201876400-01APlug-n-Play Conversion Kit only - Does Not Include ControllerShop Now
Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra Crew/Double Cab* 2500/35002017-201876247-01APowerStep with Plug-n-Play - Diesel model only - *Modification required to running board assemblyShop Now
Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra Crew/Double Cab* 2500/35002015-201676147-01APowerStep with Plug-n-Play - Diesel model only - *Modification required to running board assemblyShop Now
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500/35002015-201876400-01APlug-n-Play Conversion Kit only - Does Not Include ControllerShop Now
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500/3500 Crew Cab/Double Cab2015-201876154-01APowerStep™ with Plug-n-Play - Excludes Diesel Models
Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Crew/Double Cab 2500/35002015-201675154-01AExcludes Diesel ModelsShop Now
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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Extended Cab/Crew Cab (All Models)1999-200675113-01A(1) Includes 2007 ClassicShop Now
Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon2015-201876127-01A-BPowerStep™ with Plug-n-Play Note: 76127-01A will not fit Shop Now
Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon2007-201475125-01AModification required to running board assemblyShop Now
Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon2000-200675115-01AModification required to running board assembly (1)Shop Now
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Cadillac Escalade2015-201876127-01A-BPowerStep™ with Plug-n-Play Note: 76127-01A will not fitShop Now
Cadillac Escalade2007-201475125-01AModification required to running board assemblyShop Now
Cadillac Escalade2002-200675115-01AModification required to running board assembly (1)Shop Now
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Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350/F-450 Regular Cab*/SuperCab*/SuperCrew2008-201676134-01APowerStep™ with Plug-n-Play
*Modification required to running board assembly
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Ford Super Duty F-250/F-350/F-450 Regular Cab*/SuperCab*/SuperCrew2002-2003/2008-201675134-01A*Modification required to running board assemblyShop Now
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Toyota Tundra CrewMax/Double Cab*2007-201776137-01A*Modification required for Double CabShop Now
Toyota Sequoia2008-201776137-01APowerStep™ with Plug-n-Play, *Modification requiredShop Now


(1) DIODES REQUIRED. Additional diodes required for 1999-2002 GM vehicles. Contact your distributor to order or call AMP Research Customer Service 1-888-983-2204.

(2) DIODES REQUIRED. Additional diodes required for Ford Super Duty 1999-2001 plus 2004-2007 Super Duty without remote keyless. Contact your distributor to order or call AMP Research Customer Service 1-888-983-2204.


Air Tank Relocation KitFor Ram 2500/3500 Crew Cab and Regular Cab Only with Factory Air Ride Suspension79101-01ACompatible only with parts 76138-01A, 76139-01A , 77138-01A, 77148-01A , 77158-01A, 77168-01A and 75138-01A
Air Tank Relocation KitFor Ram 2500/3500 Mega Cab with Factory Air Ride Suspension79102-01ACompatible only with parts 76138-01A, 76139-01A , 77138-01A, 77148-01A , 77158-01A, 77168-01A and 75138-01A
Plug-n-Play Pass-Through Harness only For All Plug-n-Play Models76404-01A
2" Extension Arm KitIncludes (4), 2" extension arms.75130-01ACompatible with the following Dodge Ram Trucks: 75101-01A, 75118-01A, and 75134-01A (option)
2" Extension Arm KitIncludes (4), 2" extension arms.75130-01ACompatible with all Ford Super Duty 75104-01A, and 75134-01A (option)
LED Light KitIncludes (4), LED lamps per kit75131-01ARequires new-style control module
Stainless-Steel Trim Strips79" (set of 2)75149-01AFits all applications with NEW STYLE extrusion except 2011-2014 GM Diesel, Hummer, Jeep and Toyota Tacoma
Stainless-Steel Trim Strips85" (set of 2)75150-01AFits the following applications: 74146-01A, 7614701A, 76247-01A, 76151-01A, and 76235-01A
Complete Stainless-Steel Trim Upgrade KitWith 79" Running Board Extrusion (set of 2)75151-01AComplete upgrade kit includes (2) 79" running board extrusions, (2) trim strips, and (4) end caps. Fits all applications with OLD STYLE extrusion. NOT required for 2011-2014 GM Diesel; Will NOT fit Hummer, Jeep and Toyota Tacoma
Override Switch with STA1 Controller 79105-01AWorks Only With New Type Controller With 8 Pin And 9 Pin Plug
Override Switch with STB1 Controller 79107-01AFits the following part numbers only: 75141-01A and 75134-01A
Override Switch without Controller 79106-01AWorks Only With New Type Controller With 8 Pin And 9 Pin Plug