Override Switch with Universal fitment


Running Boards will return to Auto Operation in the next door cycle after 30 minutes.

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PowerStep Override Switch allows you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR POWERSTEP™. Now you can manually control your AMP Research PowerStep™ with a temporary override switch. Whether deploying them to wash, or retracting them for off-roading, the switch gives you the flexibility you want in a PowerStep™. It allows you to manually raise or lower. Easily insert a toggle switch on the dash, and it is wired directly to PowerStep, PowerStep XL, PowewrStep Xtreme.

  • Manually control AMP Research PowerStep
  • Weatherproof
  • 5-year/60,000 mile warranty

How to choose the right override switch/controller setup:

  • 79105-01A Override switch with STA Controller, only works with new type controller.
    Fits all kits except part numbers 75141-01A & 75134-01A.

  • 79106-01A Override switch – Controller not included – Must be used with new type controller.  Can be used for all Plug N Play steps.

  • 79107-01A Override switch with STB Controller, only works with new type controller. Fits only with part numbers 75141-01A and 75134-01A. 

NOTE: Running Boards will return to Auto Operation in the next door cycle after 30 minutes.


Includes all hardware necessary for installation. Product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions. Be sure to read and precisely follow the provided instructions when installing.


5-year/60,000 mile warranty


5 Total
5 / 5
26 September 2021
This override switch should be included with the running boards. Pre wired into the harness
Xong K.
5 / 5
10 September 2021
Awesome product and support
So I paid my local Jeep dealership to see install my AMP power step since I wanted to avoid warranty issues and was short on time. The jeep dealership ended up grounding the wire harness to the LEDs and the lights would not turn off even when the steps/doors were closed. The dealership was convinced that it was a bad control module and AMP sent a new one with out hesitation. I installed the mod... Read More
Frank S.
5 / 5
9 March 2021
I installed these on my F-150 two days before a major snow here in Wisconsin. Slush built up on the unit then the temp dropped below zero for several days. The steps performed great after knocking some ice off the hinges. Very impressive. Well built and worth the money. Only suggestion would be a switch to turn off the unit for an extended period.
Richard C.
2015 Toyota Tacoma
5 / 5
9 December 2020
All in all, the BESTEST Running Boards for the money!
4.8 / 5
9 May 2021
Great product
Product fits and works as advertised. Fairly easy install for one person. No need to hire someone else. Override switch also works great and easy installation. So glad I made the purchase.