PowerStep Xtreme Running Board - 19-22 Ram 1500, All Cabs


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PowerStep™ Xtreme is for extreme conditions for those owners who live and work in challenging environments. Made specifically for extreme environments, sub-zero winters, mud caked rockers; AMP Research PowerStep™ Xtreme is designed to hold up to the extreme because of its dual motors. It is built extra powerful to hold up to the demands.


OEM Quality Motors

Dual motors drive this electric-powered running board to deliver more power when deploying and retracting

Aggressive design

For extreme traction, all-weather performance made from high-strength, die-cast aluminum components

Legendary reliability

High-texture powder-coated finish to resist corrosion and maximize grip

LED Light System

LED lights illuminate boards when deployed


Includes all hardware necessary for installation. Product comes with easy to understand vehicle specific installation instructions. Be sure to read and precisely follow the provided instructions when installing PowerStep Xtreme™ Power Running Boards.


AMP Research stands behind its products with a hassle-free, comprehensive 5-year/60,000 mile warranty.


22 Total
5 / 5
25 November 2021
Wish override switch was included with package. Most factory power steps have it. Switch really isn’t that much so I would think would be included for better control of steps when maintenance and cleaning is done.
5 / 5
22 November 2021
I haven't had time to install the running boards yet .The components look to be very good quality,and the instructions are clear and detailed
5 / 5
13 November 2021
Great product! Love how they look!! Very impressed!!
5 / 5
7 November 2021
High quality product. Parts feel like they are very tough and durable
5 / 5
30 October 2021
Love these steps!
5 / 5
29 September 2021
I would change the install order to pull the wire first, at least to behind the wheels. It was a tight squeeze with the powersteps stuck in the lower position. Or mount the steps the motor linkage last.
5 / 5
16 September 2021
The AMP Research Boards are performing very nice. This is not my first set I have ran on our company truck at DDC Wheels. We went with the Extreme series due to the Montana weather in winter.
5 / 5
27 July 2021
My friend has a set and I loved them ordered mine the next day. They are the cleanest look you will ever find.
Chris K.
5 / 5
23 July 2021
Power Step Running Boards
Excellent product; excellent customer service.
Patricia S.
5 / 5
20 May 2021
Worth it. Totally worth it.
Arrived early and took about an hour and a half for my mechanic to install. The functionality and sleek look is worth the extra money versus fixed steps...consider that extra cost for the life of the truck and it’s practically nothing.
5 / 5
4 May 2021
Second set of AMP RESEARCH power running boards I have owned on 2 different trucks, love the product, installed myself, they look great on my new 2021 GMC AT4, easy for my wife to get into the truck, she is only 5'-4" they work great.
5 / 5
28 April 2021
I'm an Electrical and Mechanical engineer. I design, fabricate, and build equipment. Instructions were perfect minus where on the body to install the motor/hinges for best fitment. (minimal stress) and closest to the body. NO BIGGIE !!! On some reviews some mention wiring doesn't match a 2020 Gladiator, well it does. love the function of this product.
Dennis S.
2003 Dodge Ram 3500
5 / 5
11 April 2021
Excellent steps and quality job on installation I will buy them again
2016 Ram 2500
5 / 5
22 March 2021
instructions were easy to follow for the most part.
Markus T.
2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
5 / 5
1 December 2020
Been researching AMP all year and my wife surprised me with the Xtreme! Very good quality!