Pimp Your Ride Without Breaking the Bank – Or Busting Your Knee | AMP Research

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So, you love your truck/SUV but feel like you’re about to tear your ACL every time you hurl yourself into it? Or worse yet, the woman in your life is standing at the door wondering how the heck she’s going to get in without ripping her skirt in half? Boy, does AMP Research have the accessory for you. Introducing the Power Step, a trick power-assisted retractable step that swings down when you open the door and retracts under the rocker panel when you shut the door. (And the robotic sound is really cool in itself…a definite head-turner.)

This ingenious, award-winning invention by renowned inventor Horst Leitner – the man who founded ATK motorcycles, designed prototypes for KTM motorcycles and pioneered suspension for Specialized mountain bikes (the ‘Horst Link’). Leitner says, “I kept hearing people complain about their running boards being awkward to use, so we did some ergonomic research and studied people of various heights, weights and ages to come up with the perfect height and extension for a running board.” He adds, “The research said that most truck and SUV step boards are mounted too high and too close to the vehicle to provide a natural step.” (OK, all that means is that you aren’t the only one who thinks most running boards are goofy and hard to use.) After coming up with a winning technical formula Leitner says, “Then, to retain the ‘cool factor’ of the vehicle, we made the Power Step retractable so it hides the step when you’re not using it.”

So not only is the Power Step trick, it means you don’t have to schedule surgery because of that one time you poorly negotiated your awkward factory running board. Because after all, your woman loves ice, but not the kind associated with you laying on a recliner with a bag of it on your knee.