Reduce Weight and Drag and Increase Fuel Efficiency with the AMP Research PowerStep

Reduce Weight and Drag and Increase Fuel Efficiency with the AMP Research PowerStep

Date Posted: 2019-01-05

There are few topics more rampant and heavily discussed than soaring gas prices, and the effect they have on today’s trucks & SUV’s. Since aerodynamic drag and weight are two critical factors that impact fuel efficiency, truck owners are now seeking ways to reduce these variables. The AMP Research PowerStep can do both, and still allow you to maintain the convenience and safety of running boards.

Aerodynamic Drag
Even minor changes can make air flow more smoothly under and around your truck. In fact, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) conducted a *study on the effect tonneau covers have on the aerodynamics of pickup trucks in January 2007, proving that all covers significantly reduce the coefficiency of drag because they create a smooth surface for unimpeded airflow. Similarly, wind tunnel tests on pickups equipped with power-deploying running boards have shown improved air flow under the truck with less drag and turbulence, providing better aerodynamics than any other running boards or tube steps on the market. Here’s why: When retracted, AMP’s PowerStep tucks up under the vehicle, streamlining both the sides and underside, creating a smooth, even surface that reduces turbulence and drag for increased fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Weight
Reducing the overall weight of your vehicle can also help improve gas mileage. AMP’s high-strength aluminum steps weigh 10-20% less than typical OEM running boards or aftermarket steel tube steps.

AMP Research Power Step
AMP’s PowerStep running boards work automatically and improve safety and comfort while entering and exiting your truck. They are activated by your truck’s factory door sensors and extend within 1.5 seconds when you open the door. Closing the door automatically retracts the PowerStep into the rocker panels, eliminating the drag produced by traditional stationary running boards. AMP’s Power Step technology has been utilized as a factory option since 2003.

Automotive News tells the aerodynamic message:
“Tuck and run: Ford and other manufacturers offer power-operated running boards that deploy when the doors open and tuck back under the body when the doors close. The Lincoln Navigator first offered power running boards in 2003, and others have figured out that there’s no need for those air-grabbers to hang out in the wind.”
– Automotive News Sept. 22, 2008