The AMP Research BedStep™ and Bed X-Tender™ Hits the Target with Sportsmen

Hunting and fishing requires a lot of gear and there’s no better way to haul it or access it than with the AMP Research BedStep™ and Bed X-Tender™.

The Bed X-Tender has long been a favorite of sportsmen who appreciate the added carrying capacity that is available with extra tailgate space. Designed to be lightweight for easy handling, yet strong enough to secure an ATV, the Bed X-Tender is available in either a durable silver or black powder coat finish. Easy to use mounting brackets lock this versatile tailgate enclosure in place or allow it to be completely removed when loading most any sized hunting or fishing gear. Flipped forward with the tailgate up makes a smaller contained area to keep smaller gear from sliding around the pickup bed. Made of high-strength aluminum, it is even strong enough to double as a bench or stool in camp or in the field.

While the Bed X-Tender keeps everything organized and secured for the trip, the BedStep bumper step, the newest truck accessory by AMP Research, allows you to easily access all your gear quickly from your pickup bed, with the tailgate up or down. This bolt-on, no-drill step assist has a durable Stealth Black powder-coat finish. Handling up to 300 lbs of weight, the BedStep utilizes a spring-loaded cam to deploy from the rear bumper. One nudge of the foot extends it down when needed, then another kicks it up to store securely under the rear bumper without interference to a towing hitch.

Simple no drill, bolt-on installation takes less than 10 minutes using basic tools. For more information about this, or other innovative AMP Research products, call toll-free at 1-888-983-2209, or visit

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