Step Safely with the AMP Research Power Step, Arguably the Most User-Friendly Running Board on the Market

The AMP Research Power Step, a full-length running board that automatically lowers when any door opens, then retracts under the rocker panel when the doors close was designed with safe stepping a key engineering factor.

“At AMP Research, our design philosophy differs from most manufacturers”, said Mark Wronski, Director of Marketing and Product Development. “We only design products that are a simple, functional solution to real needs of people. In the case of the Power Step, our research clearly identified the ergonomic challenges associated with both factory running boards and other stationary steps. With the high clearances and seat heights of today’s trucks and SUV’s, most other step assists on the market are simply too high and too close to the vehicle to be of much use. Our solution was to design a step that could lower down and extend away from the vehicle to an easy and safe stepping height perfect for any person seeking entry, whether tall, short, young or old.”

A computer designed motion path determining both drop and extension was developed by AMP’s engineering staff to provide the most natural step position so that access into any door is smooth and easy. The weather-tight motor and drive system does all the work in one smooth operation, while an available LED light system provides extra stepping safety after dark. Additional safety features include a 600 lb. weight rating per side, and anti-pinch technology that prevents the step from moving if resistance is encountered while in motion.

Backed by a 3-year limited warranty and made in the USA, the kit includes everything needed for installation, including vehicle specific mounting hardware, detailed instructions, wiring harnesses and electronic control unit.

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