Got Space?

There is no question, the BED X-TENDER™ from AMP Research is one of the most popular and useful accessories ever developed for pickup trucks. Originally designed to keep motorcycles and associated gear in the truck bed and off the highway, this unique product provides a host of benefits for bike riders, off road enthusiasts, contractors, tailgaters, the lady of the house or anyone who has need for a pickup. Easily installed in a matter of minutes, BED X-TENDER effectively turns a short bed into a long bed by adding 18” with the tailgate open.

Made of lightweight, high-strength 1.5 inch-diameter silver or black power coated aluminum they are rugged, durable, simple to use and will probably out live your truck. Operation couldn’t be easier. Simply open your tailgate and flip the BED X-TENDER out to where it’s rubber feet sit on the tailgate. To remove from the truck, rotate the BED X-TENDER to 90°and lift out. If you are hauling a motorcycle and the fender of your bike prevents full rotation, a pair of spring-loaded latches allow you to remove or install at any angle. If all you need is to keep the groceries, camping gear, gas cans, ice chests, tailgate party paraphernalia, tool chests, etc., from sliding around, leave the tailgate closed with the extender folded forward and you are provided with a secure containment area where your goodies can be set in place. The unit is compatible with all popular tonneau covers, making for a convenient bed divider. A must have item for any work or play pickup, BED X-TENDER is available for virtually any pickup model. Check with your OEM truck dealer or truck accessory retailer.

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