Employee Profile: Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith from AMP ResearchMeet Anthony Smith, AMP Research’s Engineering Director. He has a passion for engineering, loves to surf, and is a key part in our company’s innovative products. He’s worked here for 16 years and has had his hands in everything the company has produced since: AMP Research PowerSteps, BedXTender, and AMP Research fuel doors. The first product he worked on, however, was one of our early BedXTender designs and fuel doors. However, he notes that once the company started developing our iconic PowerStep, most of his time has gone to that.

Anthony went to school for mechanical engineering at California State University, Long Beach, but had other interests in art an mathematics as well.

“I think diversifying your studies is healthy for the creative side of engineers,” he said. “I think advanced mathematics helps develop a person’s creative problem solving skills, and studying fine arts helps develop an awareness of form, visual balance, and overall aesthetics.”

Leading the Engineering Team is no small task, and Anthony pushes for innovation and quality with every product AMP Research produces. One of Anthony’s big strengths is in kinematics, which is the kind of mechanics that focuses on motion. Considering every product AMP Research offers has some form of motion, he gets to exercise this discipline often. He admits, however, that product design, another area of his focus, is probably the most fun. But there are a lot of moving parts in creating and producing product, and it all needs to be carried out to produce a quality product.

So what’s the best part about working for AMP Research?

AMP Research PowerStep

“I like the challenging opportunities that AMP Research and Lund International bring. With a family of product so large and enough resources to tackle the challenges, it’s nice to be a part of such an atmosphere that breeds innovation.”

Another thing Anthony mentions is the diverse group at AMP Research and Lund International has as a whole.

“There are a variety of passions—sports, hobbies, family, whatever the love might be—it is encouraged, and there is a lot of positive energy that spills into the work we do,” he said. Anthony said the feedback from the customers pushes the company and its employees to make the product great.

“We love our products, but we also love the community we feel with our customers.”

Outside of work, one of Anthony’s passions is surfing. The amazing photo below shows him riding a wave in Tavarua, Fiji in April, 2015. He says he draws passion from his love of surfing.

We’re proud to have Anthony on the AMP Research team and in the Lund International family of brands. His work and passion speak for themselves both on the job an on a surfboard!

Anthony Smith surfing

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