AMP Research Product Installation Videos Available on MOTORZ TV, The How-To Video Show for Automotive Enthusiasts!

AMP Research and MOTORZ have teamed up to bring you step-by-step instructions for outfitting your vehicle with AMP products. MOTORZ TV, a revolutionary new online instructional web-video series has produced three video episodes featuring AMP product installations that are now featured on Apple iTunes podcast MOTORZ. These videos are an easy, entertaining way to get the information you need to install the AMP Research Power Step, BedStep™, or Bed X-Tender™.

Chris Duke, host of MOTORZ, keeps the shows real by showing viewers how to install products on their vehicles using common tools already in their garage. Duke gets his hands into the nuts and bolts of the install, showing how to get the job done, and helpful tips to avoid problems along the way. Anyone can walk away from an episode having the confidence to go out and buy that product they always wanted on their ride and install it themselves.

AMP hopes that these instructional videos will help potential customers see the benefits of using their products and how easy they are to be installed at home. While most truck owners typically install the Bed X-Tender and BedStep themselves, many people rely on auto dealerships or truck accessory shops for installation of the Power Step. Now, thanks to MOTORZ’ detailed video, Power Step purchasers can see that installing them themselves is not near as daunting as they thought. “Working with the AMP team and their products has been an incredible experience,” says Duke. “Their products are extremely well engineered and manufactured, and their instructions are detailed and straight forward. The three videos we produced for them showcase the installation of their products in a way that has never been done before and I’m positive the end result will be increased sales and decreased support calls.” Instead of hyping the product, MOTORZ shows viewers its value and ease of use, offering a real look at what lies beneath the installation instructions of each AMP product.

“The quality of the HD video from MOTORZ is breathtaking, especially when Chris Duke is showing the different parts of our products close-up. The three videos they produced for AMP are just what our customers need to clearly understand not only how to install our products and how to use them, but more importantly why they need them. I cannot recommend MOTORZ enough to others in the automotive industry.” – Mark Wronski, Director of Marketing AMP Research.

To see the AMP Research videos, check out or you can also watch MOTORZ as a podcast on Apple iTunes where you can easily download and sync the show with your iPod, your computer, your iPhone, and Apple TV. Visit

AMP Research products are made in the USA. For more information about AMP products, call toll-free at 1-888-983-2209, or visit

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