AMP Research – Celebrating 30 Years of American Ingenuity

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SEMA Show 2010 | AMP Research Press Conference

Hello, my name is Mark Wronski, Director of Marketing for AMP Research. I’d like to thank you for your attendance today—and for your interest in our company. Believe it or not, in 2011, AMP Research will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary as a vibrant, evolving and thriving American company… For the record, that’s something few manufacturers can say. But far more important, it shows just how far you can go on when you build a company on undiluted passion, true innovation and “American-made” quality and craftsmanship.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to briefly share with you where AMP has been…where we are today…and where we’re headed in near future. It’s been quite a ride so far. And I promise you, it’s going to get even more exciting in the new year to come.

Putting Innovation In Motion

As some of the SEMA “old timers” in this room undoubtedly recall, AMP Research was founded by Horst Leitner, a true renaissance man if ever there was one. Early in his career, in his native Austria, Horst applied his mechanical engineering genius to motorcycles, developing long list of design innovations. Seeing even greater potential for business success in the United States, Horst immigrated to America in 1979.

Fulfilling his dream of building his own motorcycle brand, ATK Motorcycles was launched — a highly innovative and technically advanced line of competition-bred, off-road motorcycles – all designed and built in Laguna Beach California.

His next venture was AMP Research Bicycles, pioneering a revolution in efficient, lightweight, suspension mountain bikes, which ultimately led to the highly respected lines for Specialized and Mercedes-Benz. Yes, that Mercedes-Benz.

In 1998, insights gained from many years of hauling motorcycles to tracks around the world inspired Horst to invent the company’s very first automotive aftermarket product—the BED X-TENDER™, a flip out cargo gate for pickups. Needless to say, the AMP Bed X-Tender™ was the first product of its kind. And its unique design, practical benefits, superior quality and broad appeal have made it a “must have” accessory for more than 1.5 million truck enthusiasts—encompassing everyone from bikers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to tradesmen and contractors.

What Drives Us Today

Since, that first Bed X-Tender™ in 1998, AMP research has done some serious, major-league evolving as a company. First, by prudently and practically expanding our product line, and more recently, by taking many more of the responsibilities associated with sales, marketing and distribution of our growing portfolio of vehicle accessories.

Today, AMP Research is recognized as the “gold standard” for not just one, but multiple high-demand automotive aftermarket products that currently include: The AMP Research PowerStep™—practical, stylish, and bulletproof. The AMP Research BedStep®—a step up in design and convenience. The AMP Research Bed X-Tender™ and Moto X-Tender® — our original “haul of fame” all-star. Plus a growing portfolio of OEM products and accessories for many of the auto industry’s most popular brands.

Equally important, AMP Research has also recently taken several key steps to immediately—and significantly—improve and strengthen its national product distribution network.

Embracing Changes, Challenges & Opportunities

Earlier this year, events beyond our control necessitated that we dismiss Bestop, our long-time national distributor. This significant change in our business model has provided AMP Research with new challenges and opportunities to improve and grow as a company.

Throughout our history, AMP’s focus was centered solely on designing and manufacturing high quality products. Today, we’ve extended our focus and commitment to excellence to also include the disciplines of distributions, marketing and sales promotion, key functions previously entrusted others.

Beginning last March, AMP Research created an extensive, new national network consisting of more than 30 warehouse distributors. To further enhance AMP Research’s presence throughout the U.S. and Canada, we’ve also recruited an outstanding team of field reps.

To effectively support and complement the efforts of our new distribution network and field rep team, AMP Research has committed to providing a substantial increase in national advertising to build brand awareness and drive consumer traffic at the retail level. Strategic sales promotions tailored to our distributors’ specific needs, plus a super-responsive policy of next-day order fulfillment to warehouses.

The net result is a win-win for our all of our new national distribution network members… as well as for AMP Research customers. Our new distribution network members are now benefitting from improved product margins, marketing support materials, promotions and even packaging. Our customers are now benefitting from improved AMP Research product information, availability and customer service.

Gearing Up For An Awesome 2011

Consistent with our philosophy of innovation and quality, in 2011, AMP Research will launch an impressive array of new product applications, design enhancements, options, and offerings. For example, we will be first-to-market with new PowerStep™ applications for Chrysler’s RAM, Ford’s F-Series trucks, Jeep’s Wrangler and GM’s 2011 Silverado and Sierra HD Diesel trucks.

Impressive PowerStep™ product enhancements for 2011 include a new twin-ribbed step extrusion for greater durability and strength; new LEDs that provide 50% brighter illumination; plus new, fully integrated LED bezel housings for added protection. In addition, a new PowerStep™ option in 2011 features a pair of elegant, easy-to-attach, OE-style stainless steel step accents that add a distinctive finishing touch that’s both handsome and durable.

For 2011, our entire Bed X-Tender™ and Moto X-Tender® line up will also benefit from a significant enhancement in the form of re-engineered mounting brackets specifically designed to deliver greater durability, reliability and ease-of-use.

In 2011, AMP Research will also expand its BedStep® product line, with the introduction of BedStep2™, a new side access steps that gives truck owners the added convenience and safety of an extra step to one or both sides of their pickup’s bed.

Throughout 2011, AMP Research is also committed to maintaining, and strengthening, its long-standing OEM partnerships with many of the auto industry’s most popular manufacturers—including Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota.

Proof That You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

After 30 years in this wild, crazy and insanely demanding business, we’ve got a lot to celebrate at AMP Research. For starters, we’re proud to be an American company that actually does all of its own product development, R&D, fabricating, manufacturing, marketing and shipping at our U.S. headquarters (in Irvine, CA). This gives us a strategically significant competitive edge—allowing us to be far more responsive to the rapidly changing and unique needs of our distributors, retailers and customers. Fact is, we are far more responsive, on every level, because everything we do is right here where you are—in the good ol’ USA.

AMP Research is also celebrating a 30-year commitment to a business philosophy centered on passion (for our products), innovation and America-made quality and craftsmanship. We are compelling proof that American ingenuity, engineering, quality, materials and LABOR can produce some of the best products on the planet.

But if I had to boil it all down to just three words, what AMP Research is really celebrating today is 30 exhilarating years of… “Innovation In Motion.” And so far, it’s been a piece of cake… Thank you and “Bon appétit!

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